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    Band Director:
    Christopher A. Barbaro

    Band Director:
    Christy M. Perry

    Booster President:
    Kevin Breen

    Booster Vice-P:
    Nancy Strauser

    Booster Treasurer:
    Debbie Sadowski

    Booster Secretary:
    Kathy Pasterak

    Booster Secretary:
    Nancy Stafford

    Amherst Steele H.S.
    450 Washington Ave.
    Amherst, Ohio 44001


    New Member Orientation -
    New Member Orientation is just a week away on Tuesday, June 23rd.  It is mandatory to attend unless you have already let Mr. Barbaro know you have a conflict.  At the orientation, we will go over expectations, rules and regulations, and more importantly "Tips and Things" you will need to survive band camp with a smile on your face!.  If you can't make it, it is important to let Mr. Barbaro know as soon as possible.  The season is already ahead of where we were last year at this time and things are looking great!  Please be sure to set a good first impression and come learn a little of what is expected...oh, and have some really good Ice Cream too.  Squad leaders should be in attendance to meet your new upcoming class of members! 
    Music UPLOAD Summer 2015 -

    6/8 - Fireball 5 Bass Drum parts uploaded 1:15PM
    6/8 - Firestorm Drum Solo parts uploaded 12:00PM
    6/7 - Shake It Off 5 Bass Drum parts uploaded 9:45PM
    6/7 - Uma Thurman 5 Bass Drum parts uploaded 9:00PM
    6/7 - Bang Bang 5 Bass Drum parts uploaded 8:30PM
    6/7 - 3 New percussion Cadences w/5 Bass Drum parts uploaded 5:00PM

    ALL SHEET MUSIC uploaded except some 5 Bass Drum Parts & Firestorm

    6/5 - Bang Bang uploaded 9:45PM

    6/5 - Uma Thurman uploaded 9:45PM
    6/5 - Shake It Off uploaded 9:05PM
    6/5 - Fireball uploaded 8:15PM
    6/5 - La Serpiente (The Snake) uploaded 5:12PM
    6/4 - This Just In! uploaded 11:42PM
    6/4 - Tight Cadence uploaded 10:32PM
    6/4 - Kickbutt Cadence uploaded 10:27PM (5th Bass Coming soon)
    6/4 - Inter-Galactic Retro Funk Cadence uploaded 10:21PM
    6/1 - All HALFTIME recordings are up!  Sheet music next
    6/1 - All PREGAME recordings and sheet music are up!

    2015 Marching Comet Part Assignment -
    Here is what you have been waiting for!  The part assignments have been uploaded to the PDF page for the 2015 season.  I would like to make one thing clear.  This is just a rough draft in the sense that there were too many trumpets and too many unknowns (without playing auditions) to place everyone exactly where they need to be.  There was a lot moving around so that you can be and be with leaders within the section.  If your part has a I-II next to it or a II-III, this means that you will need to download different parts.  If the Trumpet parts are listed as only 2 parts, then you would use the first of the two numbers next to your name.  If there up to 3 parts, you will use the second number for the part to download.  Some people will always be a first and some will always be a second.  Check to see which one you are.  As always, we will make adjustments (as we have in the past) once we get into rehearsals and we actually begin to hear the new students play.  This may not be the FINAL call for parts but should help most students get started.
    Student Account Balances -

    Click here for student account balances as of May 25, 2015.

    Fall Marching Band Schedule -
    The Fall Marching Band schedule has been posted to the site.  You can click on the tab in the header above.  You may also download a copy with costs and due dates by clicking here

    Next Performance

    New Member Orientation
    Tuesday, June 23rd
    Report time:  6:00PM

    Comet Car Wash

    Sundays @ Tuffy on 58
    11AM to 3PM

    July 5 - Guard, Sax, Mello
    July 12 - Maj, Trumpet, Trombone
    July 19 - Bari, Percussion, Tuba

    If you can't make your day
    go to another one. You are
    required to do one Car wash.

    Proceeds go toward the Lockin!

    Band Room Phone


    Schedule at a Glance


    A note for all parents wanting to Chaperone for the Amherst Program

    At this time, we need to have all Chaperones that are traveling with the band to have a Volunteer Application on file with the Band Office.  At this time, you WILL NOT need a background check unless it is an overnight stay.  However, please do fill out the section where it says the school can look into your background and that all info you have put down is accurate.  This is for all chaperones traveling on the buses for games and competitions.  You can download the form on our site, fill it out, and bring it with you on your first assignment.  You will also need to photocopy your ID and attach it.  (You may do that in the band room copier) 

    You may download the form here.